Vitor Belfort, Jon Jones and Jesus

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It’s no secret that Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort are devout Christians who spread the powerful message of Jesus Christ in their talks with the media and major news outlets.

With UFC 152 less than 24 hours away, the question as to whose faith will be a stronger source of motivation come fight time is becoming more real than ever. Will Jesus pick the winner?

When asked whether God would help him win, Jon Jones explained that his relationship with God was on a personal level. This means that God helps Jones become the best he can be, whether it be in fighting, fatherhood or as a person in general.

When asked the same question, Vitor complimented Jones on his answer and explained that his relationship with God goes beyond just fighting and is something he carries with him in all areas of his life.

(If you want to hear more about this you can listen to the UFC 152 Media Call here.)

Attributing victory in fighting and other sports to religion is not a new trend. Certain athletes like Tim Tebow may have made brought it more directly in front of the public eye, but there is no question that many great athletes since the beginning of sports have thanked a steadfast faith in their religion for their success.

There may be a lot of fans, Christians and atheists alike that find implicating religion with success in a sport such as mixed martial arts to be distasteful. I am not sure it is anyone’s place to judge how someone else uses religion except for the actual person in question.

Fighting in a controlled environment where skill is often the determinant of the final outcome is a long ways away from holy wars and other mass acts of violence that have taken place for the sake of religion.

Jesus will not be a guest ref for this Light Heavyweight Championship Bout at UFC 152 but this is definitely not the last we will be hearing about him when it comes to MMA, or any sport for that matter.

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