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We’re going to keep running.

And soon before anyone knows it we will be putting out post after quality post of awesome exciting MMA new coverage.  That’s how we roll.

For those of you that know who I am from the other MAJOR Sports/MMA site that I used to write for, you can stay tuned for more of some great articles and stories where I give you guys the realest scoop on all things MMA.

Already, I’m sure there are people saying that going off was and starting my own site was not a good idea and I can tell them all that in one month I’ll have those same people posting comments in my new forum.  I embrace all people, lovers, haters, fighters, keyboard warriors and trolls.

I’ll be running a fun ship over here, NOT an uptight thing where people take things too seriously.

So that means if you join the forum here, you’ll be able to comment away and say how you feel and express your opinions freely without any worry of anyone limiting your free speech.

Guys can do whatever you want but if it gets to a point that other members’ experiences suffer significantly, then I will try my best to keep everybody happy.  Again, this entire site and the forum will be open and everything will be fair game… and I mean EVERYTHING!

I love MMA, I’ve been a fan for almost ten years now and I am learning every day.  I train jiu-jitsu (my face is just too pretty for the stand-up).

I welcome all of you to this new site and if there’s something you want to see, like fight videos, hot chicks, contests with cool prizes, then let me know and I’ll make it happen!

Actually, I’ll make that happen anyways.  So welcome, check out the forum and make yourself at home.  Mi casa su casa (my house is your house :)

And yes anything goes but nudity and vulgarity to the point of pointlessness is not really our thing, so the “rules” section is really just for those basic things.


Questions?  Post’em here.

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