Matt Secor wins debut on TUF 16

September 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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Within the first minutes of the fight, it looked as if Matt Secor was one knee bar away from becoming one of the 16 contestants to enter the house. While there didn’t seem to be a way out for Max Griffin, he somehow managed to escape and turn the fight into a long battle of attrition for both fighters.

In a back and forth battle where his opponent was enjoying an advantage in the standup, Matt Secor showed his toughness, will and determination as he relentlessly attempted submission after submission.

Matt hung in there proving that he is always dangerous no matter where the fight goes or how far into the fight he and his opponent might find themselves. I know Matt and I wanted him to win but I’ll admit I got seeds of doubt as each submission was so close but didn’t close the deal.

And it’s a good thing Matt was in the cage and not me, because he had the belief in himself to keep going when the going got tough. A triangle in the third round which was a long time coming put Matt in the winner’s circle.

I want to point something out here. There are plenty of fighters with solid standup and slick ground games. Heck, on a good day Travis Luter could probably submit Anderson Silva.

What we see in fighters that enjoy future success and staying power are the guys with heart and the guys that don’t even know the words “give up” or discouragement.

“The kid’s a little nutty.”

That’s what Dana White had to say about Secor. That should work out well in a reality show with a house full of fighters on lock-down and a full bar.

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