Jon Jones: When keeping it real goes wrong

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On September 11, the UFC 152 Media Conference Call took place including two additional opponents that weren’t scheduled to fight on the upcoming card.

Dana White and Jon Jones. The two hardly exchanged any words and failed to acknowledge one another during the entire call.  Dana White discussed the controversy over the UFC 151 cancellation by saying that he and Jones would “talk it out” in person at the event in Toronto.

Jon Jones also expressed his interest in talking things over in person and putting the matter behind them.  At one point he stated that he was “over it” but not before bringing up the entire saga and recounting his take on things once more.

Contrary to what Jones says, he is not “over it” otherwise he would not continue to defend himself and bring up the topic over and over again.  And that’s okay, Jon is the champ and can talk about whatever he likes, yet it seems everyone else is moving on except for him.

Anyone ever watch Dave Chapelle’s skit entitled “When keeping it real goes wrong?”  Here’s a short video of one of the skits.

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Can you figure out who plays Jon Jones and Dana White in that?

Dana White is a charismatic larger than life personality and a businessman that has built a fledgling organization into an empire.  Like other powerful personalities before him, Napoleon, Hitler and Hugh Hefner, he believes in his cause and will stop at nothing to defend it.

One thing they also have in common, is that you don’t want to cross them.  That gets ugly pretty quickly as we’ve seen with Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture.  In the end it seems they all wind up trying to get back in the good graces of Uncle Dana and the UFC.

Jon Jones has stated that he did what he had to do for his own career and his family.  That is understandable, but we’ve all seen how it’s worked out for fighters that tried to do what was best for their careers to the chagrin of the UFC.

One exception is Anderson Silva.  That man has pretty much marched to the beat of his own drum since joining the UFC, and Dana has come to terms with having a pound-for-pound champ he can’t always muscle around.

Here is the difference though, if you’re going to compare Jones and Silva.  Silva knows enough to keep his mouth shut and let Dana spout off.  Anderson continues to do quietly do his thing, beating every opponent put in front of him, without paying Uncle Dana any mind.

Dana White is a loose cannon and anyone that tries to get in the way of that is going to get blasted.  Jones may think he’s making a stand for other fighters, but getting into arguments to “make his point” is just engaging the boss on his level and he can’t win at that.

This is going to get ugly folks.  During the conference call, after Jones explained how it was really Dana’s fault for canceling the UFC 151 card, White disconnected from the call.

If Jones thinks he and Dana are going to put all of this behind them and be pals after UFC 152 this is wishful thinking on his part.  It’s almost sad to see that Jones is falling into a tit-for-tat with a company president that knows no match in this game.

This is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.  Jon Jones continues to explain why he’s right and everyone else, his fans, his boss, even some of his teammates are wrong but sometimes it’s not about being “right” Jon, just ask Vernon Franklin.


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